1. Baseball

■ Q: What is the Game of Baseball?
■ A: Baseball is a team sport whose objective is fun accumulating the most runs (trips around the bases) in nine innings.

Did you have fun playing baseball? What do you know about baseball?

It’s a popular fun game enjoyed with teammates. Here is a summary:

  • Two teams have nine players each.
  • Pitchers attempt to throw the ball into a strike zone in front of the batter without missing more than three times.
  • Batters get three tries to hit a ball pitched into the strike zone and then run to first base before the fielders throw the ball there.
  • Each team gets three attempts, or outs, to score per inning.
  • A team loses one of its three attempts if a fielder catches a hit ball before it touches the ground (fly ball), a runner is tagged off-base, or a batter strikes out. 
  • A runner scores if he sequentially touches each of the four bases without being tagged with the ball.

These Game of Life INSTRUCTIONS begin with the game of baseball because of its widespread familiarity and because the Game of (your) Life is very much like the game of baseball. Both have rules, laws, and penalties. It is a sport played cooperatively with others. Muscle strengthening improves a batter’s home-run-hitting power. Practice improves everyone’s gameplay.

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